When most people hear the word animation they typically think of children’s cartoons. However, there is a terrific and professional form of animation available that can really help to boost your business.

Animated Approach

Animation can be used in a number of different ways to help support, explain and promote your business. These days we all watch different forms of animation every day without even thinking about it. This could be advertisements, social media posts or business promotions, and they are a great way to catch the eye.

Consumers tend to absorb video information far better than anything static and so we can create something that is unique and is a terrific marketing tool. An animation allows you to demonstrate or explain what you do far more quickly and effectively than any other media and so it can be very useful in driving up your sales as customers begin understand your business better.

You can use animation in any way you choose, depending on the message that you are looking to convey. This could be a sales promotion, company news or an explanation of your services.

Why Use CDM?

Our animation specialists can help to develop your piece from start to finish. This includes the type of graphics, the structure and the storyline of your animation as well as the script and the voice over. We will ensure that we work to achieve the point that you want to make and include all of the information that you require whilst still making it appealing and easy to watch.

We will ensure that your animation stays on the right side of being attractive to audience whilst avoiding it becoming distracting, annoying or off-putting. Our experts will ensure that your animation works perfectly on your website or social media platform and it will be suitable for display on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

The Innovation of Animation

Animation is an innovative way to promote your business. It can be beautiful, humorous or simply informative, and is a fantastic way to get your message across. An animation can covey a lot of information without appearing to try and teach or sell, making it much more likely that a viewer will take notice of it.

A video on your site makes a visitor more likely to stay, therefore making it easier for them to view the rest of your information and make use of your products or services. This increase in engagement is vital for sales and that all-important word-of-mouth marketing.

In a world dominated by our need to in touch with technology all the time, we tend to turn to our phones. These devices make us much more likely to watch videos and therefore we also share them. With videos having the greatest social media reach, they very quickly spread around the internet, promoting your name as they go.

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