Email Marketing

The Power of Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most popular ways to reach out to customers from almost any business as it can express any number of messages with a direct method of buying any time of the day or night. With most people having access to emails on their phones as well as computers, email marketing can be a fantastic way to reach your audience with your services or products only a click away.

Email marketing is in place to encourage repeat business, as many of those on your mailing list will be existing customers, so you can tailor your message to specifically appeal to those people. It can also acknowledge those who have used your services recently by following up on bookings and purchases and providing confirmations or add-ons. Your campaign is targeted at those who already know who you are, so the information you include can be made relevant and meaningful to them.

Why Use CDM?

Email marketing can take many forms, but a professionally designed email will stand out from many others around it. Using expert branding and marketing techniques, your email will be both eye-catching and effective, helping to boost web traffic and sales.

Our experts at Clyde Digital Marketing use a combination of stunning graphic design and unparalleled marketing experience to create an email marketing campaign that is both unique and successful. We will help you to plan and create a focused campaign that will engage any target audience.

We will help you devise the ideal email marketing campaign and provide you with valuable information such as open rates, click-through statistics and bounce rates to allow you to analyse what your most successful marketing strategy is. We combine the very best industry tools with a unique level knowledge and experience to develop a lucrative strategy for reaching your customers.

Reach Out

Email marketing is a fantastic way to reach out to old customers and those are interested in your services. You can send special offers, news and information about new developments as frequently as you choose without worry about printing and postage costs.

An email marketing campaign can involve sending out advertisements, launching competitions, informing customers about sales and offers and asking for user input. One of the biggest benefits of email marketing is its immediacy; once you hit send you can see results almost straight away as people open the email and respond to your call to action. An email marketing campaign built by Clyde Digital Marketing is an easy tool to use, and allows you to track the success of the emails that you send out. This is a great way to plan future emails as you have information on what your audience responded to best.

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