If you sell products and services then you need to make sure they are available online. A good ecommerce site allows you to sell your wares with minimum work and overheads whilst your sales enjoy a phenomenal boost.

An Online Shop

An ecommerce website is an online shop that can advertise all of your products or services, accept orders and process orders. Now, opening hours are a thing of the past, as your store will work 24 hours a day so you don’t have to.

In this day and age, any business can enjoy an online shop-front where they can promote and sell everything they offer. It doesn’t matter if you sell a few small products or are a multinational corporation, every business can now benefit from an ecommerce store.

When will build your ecommerce store will develop it to be fully optimised, making sure it is search engine friendly and visible to as many people as possible.

Why Use CDM?

We use systems such as Magento ecommerce, Woocommerce and Shopify to make sure we can provide you with the perfect store for your business. We will work with you to establish exactly what features your store needs to have in order to develop something dynamic and effective. All of our systems are easy to use so you can update your stock, process your orders and manage accounts quickly and easily.

We offer full training in how to manage your store to ensure that you are in complete control of your business at all times. We always have a team of experts on hand to offer technical support and maintenance should you ever need it.

Our expert developers and designers work hard to make all of their ecommerce stores sophisticated and professional, whilst still ensuring they are easy for you to manage. All of our ecommerce stores are bespoke, so you can be sure that your site has everything you need.

Best the High Street

A high street store only targets the people who walk past, but an online shop allows you to reach customers across the globe. With an ecommerce store your potential reach is unlimited, which means your business can enjoy growth and profits like never before.

A professionally built ecommerce store has the user experience at heart. By making your customers visits enjoyable and simple they are more likely to spend money, return to your store and tell others, therefore continuing to develop your business.

If you visitors leave your site without parting with their cash then you need a professional ecommerce site to improve your conversions. This will ensure that all of your visitors are directed to the correct pages, and that relevant products are easy to find. We will make registration and payment processes as simple as possible so there is nothing standing in the way of making a purchase.

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