Pay Per Click Advertising (Google Adwords PPC Glasgow)

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a quick and effective way to promote your business on the world’s biggest search engines.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click advertising allows you to create advertising campaigns on search engines such as Google which direct the user to a specific page on your website. You only pay when someone clicks on that advertisement and you can choose exactly how much you are willing to pay for those clicks.

We offer a full PPC management service, which means that we can plan, implement and manage your campaign to maximise its effectiveness. We will research your market in order to help you decide on the best search terms and keywords to target. This way we can ensure that we are reaching out to exactly the right customer, and generate relevant and interested traffic.

PPC advertising can now be made up of text, display or even advertising, and we can help you to devise the right PPC advertising strategy for your business. We can ensure that your advert is relevant and effective to help draw more traffic to your site.

Our PPC management services are targeted way to attract the right customer to your business.

Why Use CDM?

For PPC management in Glasgow, Clyde Digital Marketing are the experts. For a PPC campaign to be effective it needs to be made up of well written and well constructed adverts. The quality of the advert affects its success levels as well as where it is ranked, and so you need an experienced expert to help your business create the most successful advert.

We know how to get the best leads for your budget and will make sure each advert is directed to a well designed landing page which is packed full of relevant information. This will not only help your search engine rankings but also your conversion rates once the customer has reached your site.

We care about getting you more bang for your buck and so we will carefully with you to understand your market and your business to the fullest. Once we know what you are targeting and who you want to attract we can work together to develop the right list of search terms before going through a testing process to establish exactly what will work best for you.

The Cost of Pay Per Click

PPC advertising in Glasgow is an extremely cost-effective way to promote your business. As you only ever pay for the clicks that your advert receives it is a low risk way to advertise. The price you pay is determined by the popularity of the keyword you are targeting, allowing you to choose how hard you want to target your competition. PPC campaign management can fit any budget as you are able to set a cap on how much you spend in any given period.

With an ever-increasing number of people using the internet on a daily basis, more and more searches are also taking place. An effective PPC campaign will put you in a prominent position for those important searches, and it begins operating straight away. This means that you can enjoy instant traffic and instant sales increases as soon as you advert goes live, and it also means that any change of direction in your business can be promoted immediately.

A PPC campaign takes a lot of setting up but it also needs constant monitoring. We can track the success of all your keywords, changing them where necessary to keep your campaign performing at its best. This includes studying traffic, conversions rates and changes in the click prices.

A successful PPC campaign is made up of a number of different aspects that our Glasgow experts can manage and develop for you to generate a high click through rate and impressive sales conversions.

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