SEO Auditing

An SEO audit is an important tool when it comes to understanding the successes and weaknesses of your site, and moving this forwards to generate greater traffic and sales.

What does SEO Auditing Involve?

An SEO audit involves an in-depth analysis of your website to determine how your site is performing with the major search engines and how it can be improved. The aim of this kind of report is to help you boost the visibility of your site, bringing in more relevant traffic and therefore improving your conversions into sales.

We will look at all of the technical aspects of you site and check whether it is fully optimised, whether it meets Google’s quality guidelines and what keyword opportunities are available. We will research how your users currently search and identify what opportunities are open to you. We will look at what keywords you need to focus on in order to generate more traffic and position these naturally within your content and header tags.

We will ensure that all of your content is relevant and keyword-rich and will identify any pages which are under performing. We will also check any links to your site elsewhere on the internet to see whether they are considered important by the search engines, and alert you to any backlinks that may be bumping up your spam score and therefore harming your ranking.

Why Use CDM?

A Clyde Digital Marketing SEO audit is performed by our expert team who are leaders in their fields. They can highlight any areas of improvement, recommend changes and expose any missed opportunities.

Whilst our talented developers use industry recognised tools to look at the technical elements of your site, our marketing team can look further into your optimisation prospects. Our skilled writers can examine your content and highlight area which need more work with regards to relevancy and keyword density.

We understand how competitor performance can impact on your site and how we can use competitor information to understand your market better. This will allow our experienced staff to make sensible SEO recommendations that will help you to develop your site in a way that improve your sales and position yourself effectively against your competition.

We can also look for any data issues on your site as well as using sitemap and robot files to allow search robots to read your site better, therefore improving how you are indexed.

Do You Need to be Audited?

Our SEO audit is a vital tool in improving your site, its visibility and its effectiveness. It also outlines anything that may be harmful to your rankings, such as any penalties from the Google quality guidelines which you may not even be aware of. We can work out what areas of your site are not performing at their best and we can advise you on the best way to recover from any negative effects.

Our data analysis is incredibly in-depth and helps both us and you to better understand the keywords you are ranked for. This allows us to decide which of these you are benefiting from and which you have overlooked. Correct keyword usage across your site not only brings you greater levels of traffic, but also better quality of traffic as these are people who have been searching for the field you operate in.

If your site is not yet indexed by any of the search engines you could be missing out on vast amounts of traffic. We can check how you are listed and advise you on how to become indexed if you are not already.

An SEO report is not just a way to identify which keywords should be littered across your site, it is a detailed plan of how you can increase your visibility in the areas you wish to reach. It will help you to recognise and fix problems with your site and provide you with a plan to improve the all-round SEO performance of your site.

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